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Support and Maintenance

Infitech iSupport: Your reliable partner in Plant Productivity

Our expertise in manufacturing and upgrading AAC plants across Asia makes our Knowledge base unparalleled in the industry. We know our systems well and know the daily challenges you can face in your production processes. Our experts look at your production process with an analytical eye while identifying opportunities and challenges.

We are committed to help you always stay at optimum production level and focused on profit maximization while bring the Return on Investment as per schedule. Stay ahead of your competition with quality product and on time delivery.


Our iSupport solution is comprehensive ranging from Plant Production, Marketing & Sales support, Energy Management, Training, Safety System etc.


Plant Support and Inspection

We carry a comprehensive study of your existing setup to come up with actionable recommendation leading to immediate cost savings. While helping you cut cost, we document and formalize processes and production variables. This enables bottleneck identification, shortcomings, quality issues and Mix Recipe. All these efforts can easily lead to atleast 20% in cost saving hence better profitably for your business.

We also develop and schedule a maintenance plan for your plant. This help you avoid unscheduled production halt and breakdown.


  • Identify Quick Wins

  • Increase Production Output

  • Reduce Energy Use

  • Reduce waste

  • Create Maintenance manuals

  • Noise Level Check

  • Train Staff on Maintenance

  • Spare Part Inventory and Annual Maintenance Schedule



Energy Management

Energy costs are an important factor during production and expected to rise constantly. Our testing modules help us identify energy leaks and high energy consuming units. Corrective measures taken on these problem areas help in significantly lowering the production cost.

  • Energy Assessment

  • Reduce Energy Demand

  • Heat Recovery Improvement

  • Optimize Production Cycle Time

  • i-EnMS Energy Management

  • Thermoanalysis

  • iACO Autoclave Control

  • iECOMIX dosing and mixing control

  • Production hall illumination concept

  • PCI product control and information system

  • Production Staff Training – Efficient use of Energy


Safety and Environment

We carry out detailed assessment of Workplace Safety and Environment issues at your plant. Our recommendation and implementation schedule help you rectify and match international standards of production. These steps also help in boosting workforce morale and confidence towards work.

  • Safety Assessment

  • Environment Assessment

  • Workplace safety sign and instruction blueprint

  • Accident Prevention training

  • Health and Safety Training

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