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Dry Mix Mortar Production Plants


We are known for our reliable products and innovative approach towards plant manufacturing across Asia.

Infitech designed Dry Mix Mortar Plants are sturdy and highly productive. Our design philosophy behind these plants is practicality of use while matching international standards. The Batchers and the Mixer is installed inside the building while Raw Material stands on individual platforms besides building. This makes the plant compact and easy to relocate or service.

Investment in Dry Mix Mortar Plant Means

  • Profitable production of wide Range of Mortars according to market conditions.

  • Clean and Minimal waste production hence highly cost effective.

  • Sustainable Production hence ensuring workplace safety and Environment Friendly.

  • Quick and conveniently switch over to various Dry Mix Mortal Products of highest Quality.

Infitech Offers

  • State of the Art Dry Mix Mortal Plant Technology

  • Bag or Bulk packing systems

  • Sharing of production and Marketing Know-how.

  • Highly qualified installation and commissioning Team.

  • Custom Mix Formula development through our in house R&D Lab.

  • Training services for your staff.

  • Comprehensive end to end solution designing and execution.


Capacity of Dry Mix Mortar Production (AAC Blocks Joining Mortar, plaster and tiles adhesive)

Standard Plant Capacity: 10-50 t/h

Mini Plant Capacity: 5 – 10 t/h

Micro Plant Capacity: 3 t/h


Infitech iSeries , What’s Special?


  • Our R&D Team in collaboration with experienced producers and University has developed expertise in Dry Mix Formula.

  • Dosing and Mixing Station: The Steel structure just houses the main balance and the mixing Unit ensuring low factory height. This further lowers the cost of factory setup.

  • Main Silos of Basic Component and Extra Silos of special components are kept on ground floor individually. This ensure easy access and flexibility in location of silos.

  • Numerous additives and pigments directly dosed by our “dose and blow” system ( Paper Bags, Big Bags or Mini-Silos) on the floor for easy access.

  • Quick and Easy adaption to new formula production.

  • Repacking of raw material from damaged bags.

  • Minimum Dust formation and highest standard of safety.


  • Automation Designs and controls are all manufactured in-house at Infitech.

  • Customized Packing in bulk or bagging as per the requirement, saving you on labor cost.

  • Infitech Modular Plant system allows you to start with base capacity and keep on upgrading capacity as per demand and market requirement.

  • In-house Machine Technology for plastering Machine, pumps and other accessories.

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