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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Plants

Infitech Group stands as a pioneer in setting up customized AAC production Plants in India. We also specialize in upgradation of existing ACC Plants to meet today’s technical standards and practices.

Our expert solutions team evaluates on various micro and macro factors like regional availability of raw material, climatic condition, labor market, competitors, demand etc. before presenting a detailed feasibility report. Plants Capacity, Location, space utilization, investment and projected P&L are all being part of this detailed report.

Our focus on Cost Effectiveness and Energy Saving machineries which we have indigenously developed through years of Research and Development has made us market leader in the segment. We are proud partners of Make in India efforts while creating solutions which cater to local challenges and market requirements.

What sets us apart?

  • Environmentally friendly production practices from Raw material production to post production recycling of AAC.

  • Our highly trained Project execution team ensures timely and precision installation and commissioning of the plant as per the blueprint.

  • At our labs we develop customized Mix formula considering local factors like raw material, weather etc.

  • Knowledge transfer sessions to client on Production practices, Marketing, Sales etc

  • Staff training at various levels from labor to Managers at India’s only such training institute run by us.

  • Our commitment of 24X7 support ensuring maximum uptime and productivity for your plants.




iPlus Series ( 300 – 1000 m³ /day)

Our most innovative product and the only such in Market, it produces cakes autoclaved in upright position. This gives an unparalleled advantage of reduced system waste at an optimal cost benefit ratio ensuring production as maximum capacity.

Other unique feature includes compact plant design and easy handling of the AAC in the packing plant.

iSmart Series (50 – 300 m³ /day)

Our champion series which produces panel with super smooth surface. The Auto mode ensure processes like Batching, Base Plate Moving, Autoclaving, finished product unloading etc are error free and productive.

i5 Series (50 – 200 m³ /day)

This is our Semi Auto mode beast with similar production capabilities of iSmart Series. Investment costs are lower and processes requirement is more labor intensive.

In Detail – Production of AAC at Infitech Commissioned Plant

Our solutions ensures all individual units of the plant work in tandem leading to optimal utilization of the resources. This ensures productivity while skipping traditional challenges like production bottlenecks, human error, production delay, operation inefficiency etc.

Now let us understand a few concepts and processes

Raw Material Production

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is produced by mixing Sand or Pulverised Fuel ash, Cement, Anhydrite (Gypsum), Lime, Water and Aluminum Powder. The ratios and mixing technique varies with quality of raw material, machinery and temperature


Dosing and Mixing System

Our Fully automated system ensures accurate dosing, weighing and mixing of all raw materials. This is followed by pouring of the mixture in molds. Chemical reactions takes over cause it to rise similar to a cake.


After attaining sufficient strength it is removed from the mold to be cut into Blocks or panels with the help of Wire/Knife. Our system’s precision and accuracy checks ensures standard quality dimensions of the blocks across batches.

Autoclaving / Curing

After cutting the AAC blocks are hardened by Autoclaving in a saturated steam atmosphere at approx. 180-190 °C . This process creates unique crystalline structure and lends AAC its strength and durability.

Sorting and Packing

After autoclaving the blocks are packed and ready to dispatch at construction site.


Our Automation specialist and Engineers has put in their expertise to design Control Cabinet, Connect Machine and program PLC & PC Controls matching international standards of Safety, functionality and efficiency. We offer automation services not only for our plants but also for client’s existing production processes.

Pre-Wiring of Machines

“Machine for the Socket”: Electric equipments like motor starter, PLC input/outputs are integrated and prewired. This reduces the cost for the plants and quicker installation of the plant.


AAC – a lightweight Champion

A preferred choice of ecofriendly wall construction material across the world.


From residential/commercial buildings to large complexes and industrial plants, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete ( AAC ) is used practically in all branches of the construction industry. It is suitable for all types of wall construction, partition walls, fireproof walls, single/double shell exterior walls, infill panels/block between concrete or steel pillars etc.

  • Maximum Efficiency and minimal use of resources: For production of 5 m³ of ACC only 1 m³ of raw materials are used. Energy consumption of during the production is extremely low as compared to other production of other building materials.

  • Excellent Eco-Balance: Raw materials used for production of AAC like Lime, Cement, Sand or Fly Ash, Water and small quantity of Aluminum Powder is easily available almost everywhere. AAC is 100% recyclable during production and is ecologically friendly in production and further processing.

  • Outstanding Insulation: Perfect insulation, excellent fire resistance and high comprehensive strength at comparably low density makes AAC perfect construction material.

  • Low weight and easy handling: AAC can be worked on quickly and easily using simple tools and even with unskilled labor.

  • Unsurpassed Feasibility: Thanks to the low weight, precise dimensions and excellent thermal properties AAC stands as a champion among construction materials.

Grade 1 AAC Block Specification

Dry Density – 551 – 650 Kg/m³

Comprehensive Strength – 3.5 – 4.5 N/mm2


Thermal Conductivity – 0.16 – 0.18 W/mK


Fire Rating – 2 – 4 Hours depend on thickness

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